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The Tuscarora Chief James Blount's 11th Great Granddaughter: The Untold History of the Tuscaroras Who Remained in NC. Kawe`ne?h? A?ha?

The Tuscarora Chief James Blount's 11th Great Granddaughter: The Untold History of the Tuscaroras Who Remained in NC

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  • The Tuscarora Chief James Blount's 11th Great Granddaughter: The Untold History of the Tuscaroras Who Remained in NC
  • Kawe`ne?h? A?ha?
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The Indigenous research is to study, confirm, and certify the tribal ancestry of Catherine Anderson, a Tuscarora Indian, who was born on December 29, 1960, and resides on the Tuscarora Nation Federal Reservation in Lewiston-Sanborn, Niagara County, New York. The research is very complex given the historical presence and demographic migrations of the historic Tuscarora Nation in North Carolina during the colonial and revolutionary time periods in North Carolina. Catherine Anderson's mother is the direct tribal descendant of the historic Tuscarora Chief James Blount, through his son, Chief John Blount according to many genealogical data records and govern records who signed for Tuscarora Indian lands in Bertie County, North Carolina in 1748, and in 1766; however, due to the ongoing abuse of colonial settlers and the military, the principal Tuscarora Chief James Blount and his band of Tuscaroras later were forced to migrate away from the historic Tuscarora main body on Tuscarora Reservation lands in North Carolina during the colonial time period, and survived in the swamps of Bladen County, North Carolina with federal military sundry land grants creating a another large base of Tuscarora tribal lands which adjoined lands with other Tuscarora Chiefs who created isolated settlements and tribal communities under Chief James Blount's sovereignty in Bladen County which in part, in 1787 formed and created the present day Robeson County, North Carolina from the parent county. This research report will examine the factual records of the Tuscarora Treaties, Tuscarora Chief James Blount, tribal migration, tribal descendancy, DNA genetic tribal mapping and Sovereignty post the Tuscarora War in the colonial era with the tribal migration to the Drowning Creek Settlement in Bladen County, North Carolina with the other historic Tuscarora Chiefs who also unfairly forced to migrate after Chief Blount from the Tuscarora Indian Reservation in Indian Woods, Bertie County, North Carolina. Additionally, the research explores the scattered history of the Tuscarora and the historical divide between the Tuscaroras since colonial times after the two Treaties were issued in 1712, and 1713 regarding Tuscarora Treaties quest for peace and how the Treaties were signed with a total of nine Tuscarora Chiefs which represented nine separate and divided Tuscarora Indian bands in the Treaty agreements, but later in 1715 through 1717, only one band of Tuscaroras, King Tom Blount was acknowledged by the colonial government, obscuring the other Tuscarora bands' Treaty Sovereign rights who signed the Treaties but have always been unidentified for centuries. The research discipline will further solidify the intimate details of the Tuscarora Chief James Blount and his tribal movements as the Tuscarora Chief with his tribal lands, petitions, lineal heirs, and influence before the North Carolina Government during colonial times. Further research will analyze and conclude DNA genetic tribal mapping data of Catherine M. Anderson and her Iroquois ancestors' survival as Indigenous People in the present day location in Robeson County, North Carolina.

Tribal History - Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina
The Tuscarora Chief Tom Blunt occupied the area around what is present-day Bertie County, North Carolina, on the Roanoke River and parts of Virginia. Chief 
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Halifax County is situated in the northern portion of North Carolina, the most northerly point of the county lacking only about six miles of touching the 
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In 1789 when the Constitution was again up for consideration, the whole state had become convinced that North Carolina should enter the Union; most of the 
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Immediately after the Indian hostilities had been crushed, the North Carolina council recognized Blunt for his faithfulness and good service and made him chief 
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2019 by the North Carolina Office of Archives and History Only graveyard remains, five miles southeast. NC 52 in Morven. 1938. K-11.
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One of these was a Tuscarora Chief who signed an Indian Woods Deed in NY in 1831. This document proves that the family was Tuscarora, ties them to Bertie County 
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I give my wearing apparel & Cloth, the best of them and what Merriwether, James the head men of the Tuscaroras was to meet me to treat about.
As may be noted, I have made frequent use of North Carolina, a History of a to James Robinson, “a cow and a calf”; to Henry Bray, “my best coate, 
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With the establishment of George Durant on the peninsula now called by his name, the connected history of North Carolina begins. And it is a matter of pride 
By 1743 there were only a few Indians remaining in Tyrrell County and in that Only one of their chiefs, Tom Blount, refused to join the great massacre.

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